The "NWV Ocean Chat" is intended to be a platform for professional scientists and interested persons of all ages and career stages. To each NWV Ocean Chat, a scientist is invited to report in a generally understandable way about his current research and to discuss it afterwards with all participants.

Afterwards, the discussion will be opened to topics of all kinds. This is also the place to gather information about marine science events of all kinds. After this more official part of the evening, people can continue to talk in smaller groups over a drink until the end of the evening.

In all discussions and conversations, one of the aims of the NWV Ocean Chat is for interested people to get together and network. Thus, these evenings should also serve as a linking and planning level for further actions within the marine science professional society.

Announcements of dates and topics will be made here via the Marine Science Society page, the NWV Facebook page and a mailing list.

All NWV members are invited to join the "NWV Ocean Chat" on a regular or irregular basis, to inspire others to join and to suggest topics to the head of the society.


Overview: the Ocean Chat-series.