On 30. November 2022, 4 - 8 pm: Public Colloquium organized by the EU-Project "FACE-IT" in the Haus der Wissenschaft Bremen (english speaking).

This colloquium is part of FACE-IT's 2022 annual Meeting and will include natural and social science research, conducted by FACE-IT scientists in Svalbard and Greenland, as well as an open discussion on the relevance of glacier loss and its relevance beyond the Arctic.

Arctic fjords are social-ecological systems. Glacier fronts and sea ice systems are hotspots of biodiversity. Their retreat will threaten the function of the Arctic coastal ecosystem and eventually local livelihoods.

The Arctic is a harbinger of the consequences of multiple global and regional environmental changes on ecosystems and livelihoods: the overarching goal of FACE-IT is to enable adaptive co-management of Arctic fjord social-ecological systems in the face of rapid cryosphere.
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